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Armenian School and Conversation Class Registrations

First day and registration for the Kirikian Armenian School is September 18, 2021. Please click to see flyer and additional details.

First day of Western Armenian Conversation Zoom class is September 28, 2021. Please click here to see flyer and information.


Drive-Thru Pre-Memorial Day Food Festival

St. Thomas is offering our famous Food Festival “Menu” by hosting a curbside, drive through pick-up from a selected menu of our well-known and greatly enjoyed Armenian and Middle Eastern foods. This “Drive-Through Food Festival” is a way to continue the tradition until we can be together again.

Open Enrollment: Sunday School

The St. Thomas Armenian Church Sunday School provides an educational, safe, and fun environment for your children to be with their peers, make valuable friendships, & most importantly strengthen their faith in God, the Church, and Armenian traditions and values!

We have kind, caring, and knowledgeable teachers of whom you can be assured that your child’s physical and spiritual well-being is in capable hands.

Applications for September are being accepted. Enroll your child today!

Sunday School Flyer   Sunday School Flyer
Please click our flyer to enlarge.

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