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Fall Bazaar News and Thank Yous

by Alin Manukyan

Everyone who attended the Fall St. Thomas Annual Bazaar and Food Festival had a wonderful time! It was the perfect weekend to coordinate with family and friends to meet up, catch up, and enjoy these homemade foods and applause-worthy exciting entertainment in the warm environment of St. Thomas Armenian Church! There was so much talent among our Armenian youth that everyone was full of joy and pride as they applauded after each performance. We are so grateful and thankful to everyone who contributed and helped make the 2016 Fall Bazaar a success!

Armenian School Teachers Symposium

by Mary Ann Saraydarian

On Saturday, September 10, eleven of the Kirikian Armenian School teachers gathered for the annual Armenian Teacher’s Symposium sponsored and directed by the Armenian Studies Program of the Diocese of the Armenian Church. Held at the new St. Nersess Seminary in Armonk, NY, the speaker for the day was Dr. Herand Markarian – scientist, playwright, poet, and translator. He addressed the teachers regarding the challenges facing the Armenian Educator and spoke of the role of the Armenian school teacher as one who prepares, molds, and creates ‘better’ Armenians.

2016 Kirikian Armenian School ‘Hantes’ and Graduation

by Alin Manukyan

Sunday, June 12th, was a day of rejoice at St. Thomas Armenian Church! Graduates, students, faculty, parents and family celebrated the end of the Kirikian Armenian School year at the annual ‘Hantes’ and graduation ceremony. This year’s ‘Hantes’ was truly exceptional, as a record number of students (135) participated in a rich program that included traditional Armenian song, dance, poems, presentations, and poignant words from the heart of the school’s bright students.

Being Armenian And Attending Armenian School – A Teen’s Perspective

by Alin Manukyan

An insightful perspective from the 2016 Kirikian Armenian School Hantes on what it means to be an Armenian and to attend Armenian school. Read Garo Amerkanian’s heartfelt speech here, and be proud of the diasporan Armenian youth that the Kirikian Armenian School is helping mold into the responsible and faithful Armenians of tomorrow!

Kirikian Armenian School ‘Hantes’ Rehearsals

by Alin Manukyan

The Kirikian Armenian School was abuzz with preparations today for tomorrow’s graduation/hantes ceremony! Fr. Papken and all of the dedicated teachers and staff led the students through dress rehearsals this morning. The school welcomes both Armenian-speaking and non-Armenian speaking children alike. We encourage you to consider enrolling your child in, and even letting a friend know, about our wonderful Armenian School. Please join us tomorrow, June 12th, at 2pm in Saddler Hall for the annual Kirikian Armenian School graduation ‘Hantes!’ It will be a wonderful day for the Armenian school’s graduating class of 2016!

Kirikian School 1st Graders Recite “Hayr Mer”

by Alin Manukyan

Every year Hayr Soorp first teaches our first graders the Hayr Mer and how to make the sign of the cross. They had to recite the Hayr Mer fluently and without any mistake. All of the first graders were all presented gift cards from Game Stop (store) as a reward. The students and teachers continued to prepare for the Hantes, which is this Sunday, June 10 at 2pm. Everyone is invited to this year-end celebration. After their work was done, the students had some fun in the beautiful outdoors at the St. Thomas playground.

Matthew Bourghol Places in Fencing Tournament

by Alin Manukyan

Matthew Bourghol is an altar server, Tbir, at St. Thomas Armenian Church. This past Sunday, he participated in a regional fencing tournament, sponsored by Thrust Fencing Academy, and achieved third place! This tournament was open to all members of the US Fencing Association. Fr. Papken was present at the tournament and was eagerly watching and cheering for him. Let’s all congratulate Matthew on his recent sports achievement. Way to go!

First Annual Kirikian Armenian School Mother’s Day Mimosa Brunch

by Alin Manukyan

The first annual Mother’s Day Mimosa Brunch, held at St. Thomas Armenian Church on Saturday, May 7, was a great success. Sponsored by the members of the staff and executive committee of the Kirikian Armenian School, the event was a magical day where friendship, motherhood, and family came together in a perfect way! Perhaps no one was as overjoyed as Ani Capan, as she later stated that the Kirikian Armenian School students “showed the audience what an important role our school plays in our community by instilling the Armenian children with national identity and traditions. This time it was Mother’s Day and they have learned a variety of poems written for mothers that they will not forget in their lives. I heard compliments from every corner of the room, and this success belongs to all of our teachers. I don’t know how better I can stress my thanks to you.”

Kirikian Armenian School – 2016 Earth Day Project to Help Families in Nagorno-Karabagh

by Jacklyn Baltaian

At the Kirikian Armenian School, Earth Day is a special day for students to think about our cultural and national needs in general. The main purpose of the “Every Day is Earth Day” project is to teach our students the importance of “giving.” This year we will try to help ease the suffering for families of victims and those affected by the conflict in Nagorno-Karabagh. With our generous donations to the Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) we can help support those families who lost their father, son, brother or uncle in conflict. * Donations will be accepted through June 10th. *

Kirikian Armenian School Honors Martyrs of the Armenian Genocide

by Ani Capan

The Kirikian Armenian School of St. Thomas honored the Martyrs of the Armenian Genocide on April 23, 2016. Students, teachers, and parents gathered in Saddler Hall where a magnificent model of Dzidzernagapert stood at one end of the stage, and a portrait of the Martyred Saints of the Armenian Genocide was displayed at the opposite end. Each student payed his/her respects to those who perished as they approached the portrait of the Martyred Saints to pray and ask for the intercession of the Holy Martyrs to God in their prayers. Flowers were planted in their memory and honor. Principal Capan stated that “we believe that children will have lifetime memories of this activity at Kirikian Armenian School for many years to come.”