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2016 Kirikian Armenian School ‘Hantes’ and Graduation

by Alin Manukyan

Sunday, June 12th, was a day of rejoice at St. Thomas Armenian Church! Graduates, students, faculty, parents and family celebrated the end of the Kirikian Armenian School year at the annual ‘Hantes’ and graduation ceremony. This year’s ‘Hantes’ was truly exceptional, as a record number of students (135) participated in a rich program that included traditional Armenian song, dance, poems, presentations, and poignant words from the heart of the school’s bright students.

Being Armenian And Attending Armenian School – A Teen’s Perspective

by Alin Manukyan

An insightful perspective from the 2016 Kirikian Armenian School Hantes on what it means to be an Armenian and to attend Armenian school. Read Garo Amerkanian’s heartfelt speech here, and be proud of the diasporan Armenian youth that the Kirikian Armenian School is helping mold into the responsible and faithful Armenians of tomorrow!

Kirikian Armenian School ‘Hantes’ Rehearsals

by Alin Manukyan

The Kirikian Armenian School was abuzz with preparations today for tomorrow’s graduation/hantes ceremony! Fr. Papken and all of the dedicated teachers and staff led the students through dress rehearsals this morning. The school welcomes both Armenian-speaking and non-Armenian speaking children alike. We encourage you to consider enrolling your child in, and even letting a friend know, about our wonderful Armenian School. Please join us tomorrow, June 12th, at 2pm in Saddler Hall for the annual Kirikian Armenian School graduation ‘Hantes!’ It will be a wonderful day for the Armenian school’s graduating class of 2016!

Kirikian School 1st Graders Recite “Hayr Mer”

by Alin Manukyan

Every year Hayr Soorp first teaches our first graders the Hayr Mer and how to make the sign of the cross. They had to recite the Hayr Mer fluently and without any mistake. All of the first graders were all presented gift cards from Game Stop (store) as a reward. The students and teachers continued to prepare for the Hantes, which is this Sunday, June 10 at 2pm. Everyone is invited to this year-end celebration. After their work was done, the students had some fun in the beautiful outdoors at the St. Thomas playground.