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Kirikian Armenian School Honors Martyrs of the Armenian Genocide

by Ani Capan

The Kirikian Armenian School of St. Thomas honored the Martyrs of the Armenian Genocide on April 23, 2016. Students, teachers, and parents gathered in Saddler Hall where a magnificent model of Dzidzernagapert stood at one end of the stage, and a portrait of the Martyred Saints of the Armenian Genocide was displayed at the opposite end. Each student payed his/her respects to those who perished as they approached the portrait of the Martyred Saints to pray and ask for the intercession of the Holy Martyrs to God in their prayers. Flowers were planted in their memory and honor. Principal Capan stated that “we believe that children will have lifetime memories of this activity at Kirikian Armenian School for many years to come.”

The Forget Me Not Flower

by Alin Manukyan

In the basis of the etymology of the word forget-me-not lies the same meaning in different languages, i.e. “Remember!”, which is the main message of the Armenian Genocide Centennial. Besides, the flower was considered a symbol of God’s presence in the Middle Ages. The forget-me-not has five petals, each of which symbolizes the five continents, […]