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Matthew Bourghol Places in Fencing Tournament

by Alin Manukyan

Matthew Bourghol is an altar server, Tbir, at St. Thomas Armenian Church. This past Sunday, he participated in a regional fencing tournament, sponsored by Thrust Fencing Academy, and achieved third place! This tournament was open to all members of the US Fencing Association. Fr. Papken was present at the tournament and was eagerly watching and cheering for him. Let’s all congratulate Matthew on his recent sports achievement. Way to go!

2016 Kirikian Armenian School Paregentan Party

by Alin Manukyan

Following classes on February 13, 2016, the Kirikian Armenian School Mother’s Committee hosted a Paregentan Party and Fair for its students and the students of the St. Thomas Chess Club. The children fully enjoyed the after-school party with their friends, and the parents took joy in seeing them have fun! Some children even wore costumes, and everyone had several chances at the various carnival-themed games to win tickets and prizes.

Chess Club Participates in NJ K-12 Championship

by Alin Manukyan

Thank you to all the parents for supporting our Chess Club. Last semester, we had the most participation and interest from our students. At the end of the semester, we had four students participating in the┬áNew Jersey State K-12 Chess Championship in November. The Championship had very talented and dedicated players. Our students played 5 […]