We confess and believe with all our heart in God the Father, uncreated, unbegotten, and without beginning; He is the begetter of the Son and the source of the Holy Spirit.

We believe in God the Word, uncreated, begotten and originated of the Father before eternity.  He is neither posterior to nor younger than the Father, but as long as the Father is Father, the Son is Son with Him.

We believe in God the Holy Spirit, uncreated and timeless.  Not begotten but proceeding from the Father; coexistent with the Father and sharing the same glory with the Son.

We believe in the Holy Trinity inseparable, one nature, one Godhead, not three Gods, one God, one will, one kingdom, one power; maker of things visible and invisible.

We believe in the Holy Church, we believe in the forgiveness of sins, and in the communion of Saints.

We believe that one of the three persons of the holy Trinity, God the Word, in the course of time came down into the spotless womb of the Mother of God, Mary the Virgin, and taking blood from her united it with His divinity; and perfect God became also perfect man, in soul, mind, and body; one person, one hypostasis, and one united nature.  God became man without change and without alteration, He was conceived in the spotless womb of the Mother of God without human agency and thus, born without corruption.  There is no beginning to His Godhead, and no end to His humanity (for Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever).

We believe that our Lord Jesus Christ walked upon the earth, and when He was about thirty years old He came to be baptized.  The Father bore witness of Him from above, saying, “This is my beloved Son,” and the Holy Spirit as a dove descended upon Him.  He was tempted of the devil but overcame him.  He preached salvation to men. He labored bodily, became tired, hungry and thirsty, suffered by His own will, was crucified and died in the body, but lived by His Divinity.  The body was placed in the tomb, being united with His Divinity; His human soul descended into hell, being inseparable from His Divinity.  He preached unto spirits, destroyed hell, and freed the spirits.  After three days He rose from the dead and appeared to His apostles, disciples and to His followers.

We believe that our Lord Jesus Christ ascended into heaven in the same body and sat at the Right Hand of the Father.  He also is to come in the same body to judge the living and the dead and give resurrection to all men.

We also believe that human deeds will be rewarded.  Furthermore, we believe in the everlasting life of the righteous, and in the everlasting suffering of the evil people.

Source:  St. Gregory of Datev