1.   ST. THADDEUS.  Preached the gospel in Armenia, entering the country from the north; suffered martyrdom at Ardaze circ. 50.  His tomb is venerated at Magou.  The history of Thaddeus Didymus, who came from Edessa, disposes of the objections of critics.

2.   ST. BARTHOLOMEW.  Apostle; preached the gospel after St. Thaddeus; suffered martyrdom at Albacus circ. 68.  His tomb is venerated at Baschkale.

3.   ST. ZAKARIA.  Disciple of St. Thaddeus; became the head of the Church after the above two apostles; suffered martyrdom circ. 76.

4.   ST. ZEMENTUS.  Disciple of the above two apostles; administered four years; died circ. 81.

5.   ST. ATIRNERSEH.  Administered fifteen years; suffered martyrdom circ. 97.

6.   ST. MOUSCHE.  Translated from the see of Sunik to that of Ardaze; administered thirty years; died circ. 128.

7.   ST. SCHAHEN.  Administered twenty-five years; died circ. 154.

8.   ST. SCHAVARSCH.  Administered twenty years; died circ. 175.

9.   ST. GHEVONDIUS.  Administered seventeen years; suffered martyrdom circ. 193.  The names of his successors remain in obscurity, but the succession is substantiated by the tradition of the see of Sunik.

10.  ST. MEHROUJAN.  Occupied the see of Ardaze between the years 230 and 260.


I.     ST. GRIGOR I. Lusavoritch.  Preached the gospel in 301;  ordained in 302; foundation of Etchmiadzin in 303; died in 325, at the age of about 86.

2.    ST. ARISTAKES I.  Parthian, coadjutor with his father since 306; was present at the Council of Nicaea in 325; on his return, he succeeded his father; suffered martyrdom in 333.

3.    ST. VERTANES I.  Parthian, elder son of St. Grigor; succeeded his brother in 333; died in 341, at the age of 80.  St. Grigoris, son of Vertanes, exarch of Caspian Albania, suffered martyrdom in 337.

4.    ST. HOUSSIK I.  Parthian, son of Vertanes; succeeded his father in 341; suffered martyrdom in 347.  St. Daniel, who was elected to succeed, suffered martyrdom in 347, before he occupied his seat.

5.    PAREN I. of Aschtischat.  A relative of St. Grigor; succeeded, after the refusal of the sons of St. Houssik, in 348; he carried on the administration for four years; died in 352.  After him, Schahak of Manazkert administered in an acting capacity for a year.

6.    ST. NERSES I.  The Great, grandson of Houssik; elected in 353, at the age of 27; for four years, 359-363, he withdrew from his post, the duties being carried on by Schahak of Manazkert, otherwise Tchonak; Nerses administered for twenty years; he died on July 25th, 373.

7.    SCHAHAK I.  Of Manazkert, of the family of Albianus, who had acted for St. Nerses; filled the seat in 373; he was also called Houssik; he died in 377.

8.    ZAVEN I.  Of Manazkert, a relative of the former; elected in 377; he administered for four years; died in 381.

9.    ASPOURAKES I.  Of Manazkert; succeeded his brother in 381, and administered for five years; died in 386.  The see was vacant for a year.

10.  ST. SAHAK I.  The Great; elected in 387, at the age of 39; in conjunction with St. Mesrop, invented the Armenian alphabet in 404; exiled in 428; Sourmak of Manazkert, appointed antipatriarch in 428, was expelled a year later; Birkischo the Syrian, who was. made to take his place, was expelled in 432; Schimuel the Syrian, appointed antipatriarch, died in 437; St. Sahak, on his recall from exile, was installed at Blour in 432, where he carried on the spiritual administration; Sourmak was re-elected antipatriarch in 437; St. Sahak died on September 7th, 439.  The spiritual administration was continued by St. Mesrop, who died on February 17th, 440.

11.  ST. HOVSEP I.  Of Hoghotzim; succeeded to the spiritual administration in 440; he was recognized by the government at the death of Sourmak in 444; he presided at the Council of Schahapivan in 445, and at that of Artaschat in 450; he was exiled in 451; resigned in 452; suffered martyrdom on July 25th, 454.

12.  MELITUS I.  Of Manazkert; elected in 452; died in 456.

13.  MOVSES I.  Of Manazkert; elected in 456; died in 461

14.  ST. GUT I.  Of Araheze; elected in 461; exiled in 471; withdrew to Othmous in 472; died in 478.  The name of Kristapor I. Ardzrouni mentioned in lists ordinarily met with has not been made good by any valid proof.

15.  ST. HOVHANNES I.  Mandakouni; elected in 478; transferred the see to Douine in 484; died in 490.

16.  BABKEN I.  Of Othmous; elected in 490; presided at the Councils of Douine in 506 and 513; died in 515.  The brief pontificate which the ordinary lists attribute to him is not in keeping with the chronology.

17.  SAMUEL I.  Of Ardzke; elected in 516; died in 526.

18.  MOUSCHE I.  Of Ailaberk; elected in 526; died in 534.

19.  SAHAK II.  Of Ouhki; elected in 534; died in 539.

20. KRISTAPOR I.  Of Tiraritch; elected in 539; died in 545.

21.  GHEVOND I.  Of Erast; elected in 545; died in 548.

22.  NERSES II.  Of Bagrevand; elected in 548; presided at the Council of Douine in 554; died in 557.

23.  HOVHANNES II.  Gabeghian; elected in 557; died in 574.

24.  MOVSES II.  Of Eghivart; elected in 574; Hovhannes of Bagaran was elected antipatriarch in Greek Armenia in 590; Movses died in 604.  The see, vacant for three years, was administered by Vertanes Kertogh.

25.  ABRAHAM I.  Of Aghbatank; elected on April 30th, 607; presided at the Council of Douine against the Georgians in 609; the antipatriarch Hovhannes died in 611; Abraham died in 615.

26.  COMITAS I.  Of Aghtzik; elected in 615; restored the cathedral of St. Rhipsime in 617; died in 628.

27.  KRISTAPOR II.  Apahouni; elected in 628; resigned in 630.

28.  YEZR I.  Of Parajenakert; elected in 630; presided at the Council of Karine in 631; died in 641.

29.  NERSES III. Of Ischkhan, surnamed Schinogh; elected in 641; withdrew from the administration in 652, returning to it again in 658; died in 661.

30.  ANASTASIUS I.  Of Akori; elected in 661; died in 667.

31.   ISRAEL I.  Of Othmous; elected in 667; died in 677.

32.  SAHAK III.  Of Tzorapor; elected in 677; died in 703.

33.  EGHIA I.  Of Ardjesch; elected in 703; died in 717.

34.  ST. HOVHANNES III.  Of Otzoun, surnamed Imastasser; elected in 717; presided at the Councils of Douine in 719 and of Manazkert in 726; died in 728.

35.  DAVID I.  Of Aramonk; elected in 728; died in 741.

36.  TIRDAT I.  Of Othmous; elected in 741; died in 764.

37.  TIRDAT II.  Of Dasnavork; elected in 764; died in 767.

38.  SION I.  Of Bavonk; elected in 767; presided at the Council of Partav in 768; died in 775.

39.  YESSAI I.  Of Eghipatrousche; elected in 775; died in 788.

40.  STEPANOS I.  Of Douine; elected in 788; died in 790.

41.  HOVAB I.  Of Douine; elected in 790; died in 791.

42.  SOGHOMON I.  Of Garni; elected in 791; died in 792.

43.  GUEORG I.  Of Oschakan; surnamed Hailorbouk; elected in 792; died in 795.

44.  HOVSEP II. Of Parpi, surnamed Karidj; elected in 795; died in 806.

45.   DAVID II.  Of Gagagh; elected in 806; died in 833.

46.  HOVHANNES IV.  Of Ova; elected in 833; died in 855.

47.  ZAKARIA I.  Of Tzak; elected in 855; died in 877.

48.  GUEORG II.  Of Garni; elected in 878; died in 898.

49.  ST. MASCHTOTZ I.  Of Eghivart; elected in 898; died, October 13, 899.

50.  HOVHANNES V.  Of Draskhonakert, surnamed Patmaban; elected in 899; transferred the see to Tzorovank in 928; died in 931.

51.  STEPANOS II.  Rischtouni; elected in 931; transferred the see to Aghthamar in the same year; died in 932.

52.  THEODOROS I.  Rischtouni; elected in 932; died in 938.

53.  YEGHISCHE I.  Rischtouni; elected in 938; died in 943.

54.  ANANIA I.  Of Moks; elected in 943; transferred the see to Arkina; died in 967.

55.  VAHAN I.  Suni; elected in 967; deposed in 969.

56.  STEPANOS III.  Of Sevan; elected in 969; died in 971.

57.  KHATCHIK I.  Arscharouni; elected in 972; constructed the residence at Ani in 991; died in 992.

58.  SARKIS I.  Of Sevan; elected on March 29th, 992; transferred the see to Ani in the same year; resigned in 1019.

59.  PETROS I.  Guetadartz; elected in 1019; Dioskoros of Sanahine appointed antipatriarch in 1036; Petros returned to his see in 1038; Katchik II. appointed coadjutor in 1049; the see transferred to Sebaste in 1050; Petros died in 1054.

60.  KHATCHIK II.  Of Ani; succeeded in 1054; transferred the see to Thavblour in 1057; died in 1060.  The see remained vacant for five years.

61.  GRIGOR II.  Vikaiasser; elected in 1065; transferred the see to Zamintia in the same year; Gueorg III. of Lori appointed coadjutor in 1069, removed in 1072; Sarkis of Honi proclaimed antipatriarch in 1076, died in 1077; Theordoros Alakhossik took his place in 1077, died in 1090; Barsegh I. appointed coadjutor in 1081; Poghos of Varak proclaimed antipatriarch in 1086, withdrew in 1087; Grigor died June 3rd, 1105.

62.  BARSEGH I.  Of Ani; succeeded in 1105; died in 1113.

63.  GRIGOR III.  Pahlavouni; elected in 1113, at the age of 20; David Thornikian proclaimed antipatriarch at Aghthamar in 1114; the see transferred to Rhomkla in 1147; Grigor resigned, August 17th, 1166; died three months later.

64.  ST. NERSES IV.  Schinorhani; elected in 1166; died, August 13th, 1173.

65.  GRIGOR IV.  Tegha; elected in 1173; presided at the Council of Rhomkla in 1179; died, May 16th, 1193.

66.  GRIGOR V.  Karavege; elected in 1193; deposed and died in 1194.

67.  GRIGOR VI.  Apirat; elected in 1194; Barsegh II. of Ani proclaimed antipatriarch in 1195; Grigor died in 1203.

68.  HOVHANNES VI.  Medzabaro; elected in 1203; Anania of Sebaste proclaimed antipatriarch in 1204; David III. of Arkakahin appointed coadjutor in 1204; Hovhannes died in 1221.

69.  CONSTANTINE I.  Of Bartzrberd; elected in 1221; died, April 9th, 1267.

70.  HACOB I.  Of Kla, surnamed Guitnakan; elected in 1267; died in 1286.

71.  CONSTANTINE II.  Pronagortz; elected, April 13th, 1286; deposed in 1289.

72.  STEPANOS IV.  Of Rhomkla; elected in 1290; carried away a prisoner into Egypt in 1292; died in 1293.

73.  GRIGOR VII.  Of Anavarza; elected in 1293; transferred the see to Sis in the same year; died in 1307; the Council of Sis was summoned after his death.

74.  CONSTANTINE III.  Of Caesarea; elected, March 19th, 1307; died in 1322.

75.  CONSTANTINE IV.  Of Lambron; elected in 1322; died in 1326.

76.  HACOB II.  Of Tarsus; elected in 1327; resigned in 1341; reverted to the see in 1355; died in 1359.

77.  MEKHITAR I.  Of Grner; elected in 1341; died in 1355.

78.  MESROP I.  Of Ardaze; elected in 1359; died in 1372.

79.  CONSTANTINE V.  Of Sis; elected in 1372; died in 1374.

80.  POGHOS I.  Of Sis ;elected in 1374; died in 1377.

81.   HEODOROS II.  Of Cilicia; elected in 1377; died in 1392.  The see remained vacant one year.

82.  KARAPET I.  Of Keghy, surnamed Bobik; elected in 1393; died in 1408.

83.  HACOB III.  Of Sis; elected in 1408; died in 1411.

84.  GRIGOR VIII.  Khantzoghat; usurped the see in 1411; deposed in 1416.

85.  POGHOS II.  Of Garni; elected in 1416; died in 1429.

86.  CONSTANTINE VI.  Of Vahka; usurped the see in 1429; died in 1439; Hovsep, a pretender, was unsuccessful in usurping the see.

87.  GRIGOR IX.  Moussabeguian; elected in 1439; withdrew in 1441.

88.  KIRAKOS I.  Of Virap; elected in 1441, on the occasion of the transfer of the see to Etchmiadzin; resigned in 1443.

89.  GRIGOR X.  Djelalbeguian; elected in 1443; Karapet of Tokat proclaimed antipatriarch at Sis in 1446; Aristakes II. appointed coadjutor in 1448; Zakaria of Aghthamar usurped the see in 1461; withdrew in 1462; Sarkis II. appointed coadjutor in 1462; Grigor died in 1466.

90.  RISTAKES II.  Athorakal  succeeded in 1466; died in 1470.

91.   SARKIS II.  Atchatar; succeeded in 1470; Hovhannes VII. appointed coadjutor in 1470; Sarkis died in 1474.

92.  HOVHANNES VII.  Atchakir; succeeded in 1474; Sarkis III. appointed coadjutor in 1474; Hovhannes resigned in 1484.

93.  SARKIS III.  Mussail; succeeded in 1484; Aristakes III. appointed coadjutor in 1484, Thadeos I. in 1499, Yeghische II. in 1504, Hovhannes in 1505, Nerses in 1506, and Zakaria II. in 1507; Sarkis died in 1515.

94.  ZAKARIA II.  Of Vagharschapat; succeeded in 1515; Sarkis IV. appointed coadjutor in 1515; Zakaria died in 1520.

95.  SARKIS IV.  Of Georgia; succeeded in 1520; died in 1537.

96.  GRIGOR XI.  Of Byzantium; elected in 1537; died in 1542.

97.  STEPANOS V.  Of Salmasd; elected, 1542, Barsegh III. in 1549, Grigor XII. in 1552, and Aristakes IV. in 1555; Stepanos died in 1564.

98.  MIKAEL I.  Of Sebaste; succeeded in 1564; Stepanos VI. appointed coadjutor in 1567; Mikael died in 1570.

99.  GRIGOR XII.  Of Vagharschapat; succeeded in 1570; Thadeos II. appointed coadjustor in 1571, Arakel in 1575, and David IV. in 1579; Grigor died in 1587.

100. DAVID IV. of Vagharschapat; succeeded in 1587; Melchissedech I. of Garni appointed coadjutor in 1593, Grigor XIII. Serapion in 1603, and Sahak IV. of Garni in 1624; David resigned in 1629.

101. MOVSES III.  Of Tathev; elected, January 13th, 1629; died, May 14th, 1632.

102. PHILIPPOS I.  Of Aghbak; elected, January 13th, 1633; died, March 25th, 1655.

103. HACOB IV.  Of Djoulfa; elected, April 8th, 1655; Yeghiazar I. proclaimed antipatriarch in 1663; Hacob died at Constantinople, August 1st, 1680.  The see remained vacant for two years.

104. YEGHIAZAR I.  Of Aintab; elected in 1682; died, August 8th, 1691.

105. NAHAPET I.  Of Edessa; elected, August 10th, 1691; died, June 13th, 1705.  The see remained vacant for one year.

106. ALEXANDER I.  Of Djoulfa; elected in 1706; died, November 22nd, 1714.

107. ASTOUADZATOUR I.  Of Hamadan; elected, May 7th, 1715; died, October 10th, 1725.

108. KARAPET II.  Of Zeytoun; elected and consecrated at Constantinople, February 27th, 1726; returned to Etchmiadzin in 1728; died, October 9th, 1729.

109. ABRAHAM II.  Of Khoschab; elected in 1730; died, November 11th, 1734.

110. ABRAHAM III.  Of Crete; elected, November 25th, 1734; died, April 18th, 1737.

111. GHAZAR I.  Of Tchahouk; elected in 1737; consecrated in in 1738; Hovhannes of Akoulis proclaimed antipatriarch in 1740; Ghazar in superseded by Petros II. Kutour, as substitute ad interim, in 1748, for one year; Ghazar died in 1751.

112. MINAS I.  Of Eghine; elected, September 15th, 1751; died, May 12th, 1753.

113. ALEXANDER II.  Karakaschian; elected in 1753; consecrated, March 6th, 1754; died, 1755.  Sahak V. of Keghy, surnamed Ahakine, elected in 1755, was never consecrated; died in 1760.

114. HACOB V. Of Schamakhi; elected, November 24th, 1759; died in July, 1763.

115. SIMEON I.  Of Erivan; elected in 1763; died July 26th, 1780.

116. GHOUKAS I.  Of Karine; elected, August 2nd, 1780; died, December 27th, 1799.  Hovsep Arghoutian, elected in 1800, died in 1801 without receiving consecration.

117. DAVID V.  Gorganian; usurped the see, April 28th, 1801; was deposed in September, 1804.

118. DANIEL I.  Of Sourmari; elected in 1801, but unable to hold possession of the see until September 21st, 1804; died, August 21st, 1808;

119. YEPREM I.  Of Tzoragueh; elected, December 26th, 1809; resigned, March 6th, 1831.

120. HOVHANNES VIII.  Of Karbi; elected, March 31st, 1831; consecrated, November 8th; died, March 26th, 1842.

121. NERSES V.  Of Aschtarak; elected, May 18th, 1843; consecrated, June 9th, 1846; died, February 13th, 1857.

122. MATTHEOS I.  Tchouhadjian (of Constantinople); elected, May 18th, 1858; consecrated, August 15th; died, August 22nd, 1865.

123. GUEORG IV.  Kerestedjian (of Constantinople); elected, September 17th, 1866; consecrated, May 21st, 1867; died, December 6th, 1882.  The see remained vacant for three years, in consequence of the withdrawal, followed by the death, of Nerses Varjapetian, who was elected May 9th, and died October 26th, 1884.

124. MACAR I.  Ter-Petrossian; elected, April 21st, 1885; consecrated, November 10th; died, April 16th, 1891.

125. MKRTITCH I.  Khrimian (of Van); elected, May 5th, 1892; consecrated, September 26th, 1893; died, October 29th, 1907.

126. MATTHEOS II.  Izmirlian (of Constantinople); elected, November 1st, 1908; consecrated, September 13th, 1909; died, December 11th, 1910.

127. GUEORG V.  Soorenian (of Tiflis); elected, December 13th, 1911; consecrated July 2nd, 1912; died, May 8th, 1930.

128. KHOREN I.  Mooratbeguian (of Tiflis); elected, November 12th, 1932; consecrated November 13th, 1932; died, April 6th, 1938.  The see remained vacant seven years.

129. GUEORG VI.  Cheorektjian (of Nor-Nakhichevan); elected locum tenens, April 12th, 1941; elected Catholicos, June 22nd, 1945; consecrated, June 24th, 1945, died, May 9, 1954,

130. VASKEN I.  Baljian; elected and consecrated Catholicos, October 2nd, 1955.

131. KAREKIN I. Sarkissian; elected Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, 1994. Died June 29, 1999.

132. KAREKIN II. Nersessian, elected Catholicos of All Armenians at the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. Consecrated 1999.

Courtesy of “The Church of Armenia: her history, doctrine, rule, discipline, liturgy, literature, and existing condition.” by Malachia Ormanian, 1911