sundayschoolSt. Thomas Armenian Church supports the spiritual and educational growth of the Armenian youth. Students are currently enrolled in Sunday School, ranging in age from kindergarten through 10th grade.

The classes are offered every Sunday from 10:15 AM to 12:30 PM (September – June). Youngsters, ages four – 16, receive religious instruction of the Armenian Apostolic Church in English, under the direction of V. Rev. Fr. Papken Dz.V. Anoushian, Pastor of St. Thomas, and the supervision of Mrs. Jane Solakian, Superintendent of the Sunday School.

The mission of the Sunday School is to bring children closer to God through a nurturing life of prayer, knowledge of God and faith of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

Our curriculum includes:sunday_school_casual_6

  • Kingergarten – 2nd Grade:  Learning the Lord’s Prayer (Hayr Mer) in Armenian and English, the prayer before meals (Jashagestsook) and the proper way and meaning in making the sign of the cross.
  • 3rd Grade and up, the teachings are reinforced and studied in depth until the 10th grade.  Topics include:
    • Meaning of the Kiss of Peace.
    • The Nicene Creed (Havadamk)
    • The Ten Commandments.
    • The meaning behind the Sundays of Lent, including Palm Sunday (Dzaghgazart), the Great Week (Avak Shapat) and Easter Sunday (Zadig).  The Resurrection of our Lord and God Jesus Christ.
    • The five major feasts of the Armenian Church (Tabernacle feast days):  Nativity and Baptism of Christ, the Resurrection, the Transfiguration, the Assumption of the Mother of God, and the Exhaltation of the Holy Cross.
    • The Holy Bible.

8.5 x 11 FINAL_FINAL Sunday School Page 2 - newStudents also attend portions of the Holy Divine Liturgy, and the V. Rev. Fr. Anoushian will hold special learning sessions periodically during the year.

Special activities during the year include the annual Christmas Tree Lighting, Christmas Dinner and Program, Poon Paregentan Party, Easter Communion Breakfast with the Kirikian Armenian School, visit to the Emerson Home for the Armenian Aged, Graduation and Year-End Party.  Also included is a visit to the Museum of Natural History for an Armenian exhibition.

The more our children learn to serve the church, help those in the community who need our help, and become knowledgeable about the past, they will learn to build their future as strong and faithful youth of our future.

For more information contact Mrs. Jane Solakian, Superintendent (201) 693-6235, or the Church Office at (201) 567-5446.

Volunteers in all areas are always welcome to help our Sunday School!