The Armenian Church is governed both by those who have received authority from God through ordination, and by the people who comprise the church – by spiritual authority and by temporal authority. The spiritual authority is exercised in teaching the faith, administering sacraments and observing the canons that are the laws of the Church. The temporal authority is applied in financial management, social activities, property maintenance, most administrative matters and governance.

Parish Council members are called to serve God and the Armenian Church as special assistants to the Pastor and representatives of the parish congregation. Together they form a team dedicated to the mission of maintaining the church as a source and center of Christian teachings and life. They strive to make the church a place where all Armenian Christians congregate to participate in worship, learning, fellowship and service, and receive spiritual solace, strength, joy, hope and forgiveness. While the Pastor is charged with the ultimate responsibility of meeting the spiritual and Armenian educational needs of the church community, the Parish Council may assist him in several of his duties as chief administrator.

Every Parish Council member must be looked upon as a Christian who is continually growing in his or her spiritual knowledge, faith in and service to the church, and who is building upon the example of our forefathers in strengthening the Armenian Church. Their station is a privilege indeed, and also a challenge and an invitation to give and to grow. The effectiveness of the Parish Council depends upon each member’s knowledge of our spiritual and cultural heritage, in addition to commitment to their Christian faith and dedication as a servant leader.


The Very Rev. Fr. Papken Anoushian Pastor
Dr. Levon Capan Chairman
Hagop Jack Torosian Vice Chairman
Madlen Setian Treasurer
Barkev Hagopian Assistant Treasurer
Paul Bourghol Secretary
James Balakian Member
Garo Baltaian Member
Mari Camcikyan Member
Ani Ozgun Member
Raffi Minassian Member
Hovsep Taktajian Member
John Torigian Member


The Diocesan Council supervises the parochial institutions and organizations of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America (Eastern) and its activities, examining and deciding jointly with the Primate on matters relative to the establishment of churches, educational and charitable institutions and organizations within the Diocese. The Diocesan Council also decides the establishment of new church communities, parishes or various organizations. Additionally, the Council is responsible for preparing and presenting an annual operating budget to the Diocesan Assembly.