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Kirikian Armenian School Commemorates 104th Anniversary of Armenian Genocide

by Mary Ann Saraydarian

A beautifully written article on how we commemorated the 104th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, with the Kirikian Armenian School staff, students, and parents, and guest speaker, Ms. Lucine Kasbarian. Ms. Kasbarian encouraged the students to never forget our history in their future endeavors in life. She urged them to “incorporate the Armenian spirit in their lives – and that through our strength, we can demonstrate the valuable presence of Armenians in this world.”

St. Thomas Kirikian Armenian School Students Set Khrimian Lyceum Record!

by Mary Ann Saraydarian

Having graduated from the Kirikian Armenian School, a record number of 234 of our alumni are presently attending the Diocesan Khirimian Lyceum. How proud we all are when 24 of the total class of 38 at the Lyceum are from St. Thomas, celebrating the success of the Kirikian Armenian School of the St. Thomas Armenian Church in Tenafly, NJ. The Diocesan Armenian Studies department’s Khrimian Lyceum offers a four year course of study to graduates of Armenian Schools. The Lyceum currently has 38 students who come from NY, NJ, and CT regularly on a monthly basis. 2017 marks the 30th anniversary of Khirimian Lyceum.

Armenian School Teachers Symposium

by Mary Ann Saraydarian

On Saturday, September 10, eleven of the Kirikian Armenian School teachers gathered for the annual Armenian Teacher’s Symposium sponsored and directed by the Armenian Studies Program of the Diocese of the Armenian Church. Held at the new St. Nersess Seminary in Armonk, NY, the speaker for the day was Dr. Herand Markarian – scientist, playwright, poet, and translator. He addressed the teachers regarding the challenges facing the Armenian Educator and spoke of the role of the Armenian school teacher as one who prepares, molds, and creates ‘better’ Armenians.

Record Enrollment At Kirikian Armenian School

by Mary Ann Saraydarian

As a very strong indication that our Armenian heritage is alive, well and growing stronger into the next generation, the Kirikian Armenian School experienced an avalanche of new registrants this year. All of these children are learning about their language, history, religion, heritage and culture. The Kirikian Armenian School of the St. Thomas Armenian Church is a successful indicator of the importance of keeping our children Armenian, instilling in them a love for their prized heritage.