St. Thomas Armenian Apostolic Church has touched and continues to comfort many of our lives. Armenians feel it is their duty to keep the Armenian Church financially and morally sound so that it can continue its sacred Christian mission and foster and nurture our priceless ethnic Armenian identity.

All who attend St. Thomas would agree that our Church is robust with activities and organizations to further religious and Armenian education and socialization of our children. The Armenian Apostolic Church is the home of all Armenians, and as parishioners of St. Thomas Armenian Church, it is our mission to maintain our beautiful Church.

It is with thanks to pledge donations and annual membership contributions that St. Thomas continues to be an integral part of the Armenian community and to the foundation and future of the Armenian youth. All donations are welcome, and you may feel free to make any amount you desire. God accepts any contribution that originates from your heart.

An annual membership commitment of $125.00 entitles a member (at least 18 years of age) to vote at the annual Parish Assembly, or to hold office in any of the executive bodies of the various organizations, including the Parish Council, in accordance with the By Laws of the Diocese of the Armenian Church.