Pursuant to the faith of the Armenian Church, the Divine Liturgy (Soorp Badarak) is also celebrated in memory of deceased soul(s).

Arrangements for Requiem (Hokehankisd) Services, including altar flowers, altar candles and fellowship hour, must be made through the Church Secretary or Pastor no later than Friday at noon by calling the Church Office.  Please have the name(s) of the deceased the service is requested for as well as the names of those requesting the service ready at the time you call.

The names requested for Requiem (Hokehankisd) are mentioned during Soorp Badarak.  It is asked that the family member(s) and the friend(s) of the deceased(s) be present in the church at the start of the Soorp Badarak at 10:15 AM so that, among other spiritual devotions, the memory of the deceased(s) shall be fully respected.

Those who wish to may also donate altar flowers, altar candles, or food items for the fellowship coffee hour which follows the Holy Divine Liturgy and Requiem Service. Donations may be made in memory of the souls of their loved ones by informing the Church Secretary.