Baptism is necessary so that the child can start a “new life” as a child of God. It is through baptism that a new Christian is brought into the life of the Church and the hope of salvation.  The Armenian understanding of baptism draws upon the evidence of Scripture and Tradition to baptize infants—who are pledged to a life in Christ by godparents and the community—as well as adults.

Contact the Church Office at several months prior to the date of a baptism to confirm the availability of the Pastor and Church.  Baptisms may be performed any day of the week during the year.

The Godfather of the child to be baptized should be a member of the Armenian Apostolic Church.  If a suitable Godfather is not available, please consult with the Pastor about a substitute.

The Godmother will tend to the child during the Order of Baptism, holding the child before the Godfather has taken the child, undressing or dressing the child at times prescribed, and tending to the child during the performance of the sacraments.

Specific items are needed for the Baptismal ceremony.

For Infants:

  • One or two white towels.
    A white outfit to be worn after the Baptism.
    A chain and cross for the neophyte (newly-baptized).

For Adults:

  • One or two white towels.
    Prior instruction by the officiating clergy, describing baptism and confirmation.
    A chain and cross for the neophyte (newly-baptized).

Tradition states that the baby not be kissed until after the baby is bathed three days after the baptism.  Because Holy Muron (holy chrism) has been used to anoint the child, one must bathe the baby and empty the bath water into the soil rather than a waste-water system.

Baptism, Chrismation, and Holy Communion are all given at the time of baptism.  Together these make the new believer ready to fully participate in the life of the Church.


Chrismation is the anointing with oil at baptism.  It seals the baptized with the Holy Spirit, promising spiritual strength as a member of the Church.

Holy Communion

Communion (haghortootiun) refers to the mystical union of people with God and each other as they gather, pray, read the Bible, remember Christ, and share in his redemption of the world through the bread and wine that become truly his body and blood.