Please email Mrs. Ani Capan at if you are interested in having your child participate in the Washing of the Feet – Vodunluva evening service.
This year Vodnluva is on Holy Thursday, April 18, 2019.

If you would like your son(s) to participate please let us know as soon as possible. You need to be at Church no later than 6:45pm, and your child should be wearing white socks.

It is customary for the parents to donate food item for the light dinner that follows the Vodnluva. Please contact us with what you want to bring by e-mailing to or call or text to mobile 201-390-4891.

The list of the items needed are the following:

3 lbs green olives

3 lbs of black olives

3 lbs Alfonso olives

16 x dozen bag of Pita bread

6 bags Costco or BJ mixed salad

7 jars (32 oz. each) pickled red bell peppers

7 jars of pickled cucumbers

1 gallon olive oil

2 large bottles apple cider vinegar

2 gallons milk

5 gallons water

2 gallons of apple juice

12 x 2 liter bottle soda

10 pounds of plain helva

10 pounds of chocolate/marble helva

6 jars of pickled cucumbers

3 bags of mandarin

2 bowls of Jello

Tahinli Pide
Please let us know what you might be able to bring by writing your name & quantity next to the item when you remail