On Sunday, March 11, St. Thomas Armenian Church held its annual mid-Lenten Luncheon for parishioners and friends to enjoy.

Traditional vegan specialties were prepared lovingly by dedicated members of our church. These customary Lenten dishes included stuffed bell peppers, lentil (“vospov”) kufte, stuffed artichoke hearts, traditional pickled mixed vegetables and an eggplant and tomato appetizer. Tasty baklava, prepared with tahini, and jello were offered for dessert to a delicious Lenten meal.

Sincere thanks go to all those who helped donate, prepare and cook the dishes, prepare the Atrium, and work together to make the Lenten Luncheon a beautiful event for everyone! Special thanks to (in alphabetical order): Zarmine Baydar, Rosine Hovsepian, Ani Kapaz, Hasmig Manoukian, Irma Saganda, Martha Saraydarian, Mary Ann Saraydarian, Jane Solakian, Jane Torigian, Shake Torigian, and Marie Zokian.