aIMG_4932 (Large)Everyone who attended the Fall St. Thomas Annual Bazaar and Food Festival had a wonderful time! This year’s Bazaar was particularly special because it included a Kirikian Armenian School pre-Kindergarten show in traditional Armenian costume, and a special preview performance by the artists of the world premiere show HOKIS from Armenia.20161023_163427 (Large)

It is with thanks to several dedicated volunteers who prepared and cooked for several weeks leading to this annual event that delicious Armenian and traditional dishes and sweets were enjoyed on premises and via take-out. It was the perfect weekend to coordinate with family and friends to meet up, catch up, and enjoy these homemade foods and applause-worthy exciting entertainment in the warm environment of St. Thomas Armenian Church!

1023161659a (Large)Parishioners and friends shopped among the varied vendor choices, including jewelry, designer handbags, perfumes, music, items handmade directly from Armenia, and so much more! Our adorable pre-kindergardten Armenian school students were excited to sing and dance on Saturday in costumes ordered for them from Armenia. Afterwards, many children enjoyed magic from Pachote the Clown.

On Sunday, the Atrium was abuzz with Armenian dance by the Atranig Dance Group, followed by a beautiful and inspiring set of performances by the HOKIS troupe.

20161023_153944 (Large)There was so much talent among our Armenian youth that everyone was full of joy and pride as they applauded after each performance!

The last day of the Bazaar ended with some surprises as several raffle prizes were awarded to winners, probably the most exciting of which was the new iPhone 7, sponsored by the ACYOA Juniors of St. Thomas. The Kirikian Armenian School had a booth of several quality prizes donated for a tricky-tray raffle, including a Michael Aram ornament, Coach bag, and several gift cards.1023161657a (Large)

Most coveted of the main raffle included a television, a laptop, gold jewlery, and a gorgeous and valuable hand-made oriental rug.

We invite you to view all of the moments captured from the 2016 Fall Bazaar in our extensive photo gallery.

We are so grateful and thankful to everyone who helped make the 2016 Fall Bazaar a success!

The Very Rev. Fr. Papken Dz. V. Anoushian, Esq.
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Toufayan
Mr. & Mrs. Oskihan Sesetyan
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Mkhitarian Ani & Haig Chakamian
Mr. & Mrs. Arto Ozgun
Mr. & Mrs. Marcus Arroyo
Mr. & Mrs. Hovsep Hovsepian
Dr. & Mrs. Levon Capan
Mrs. Shnorig Minassian
Mrs. Eugenie Amerkanian
Mr. & Mrs. Shahe Jebejian
Mr. & Mrs. N. Koroglu
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Saraydarian
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Saraydarian

Hand Made Oriental Rug – Donated by Richard & Gregory Saraydarian
Laptop Computer – Donated by Jack & Misak Torosian
32” Color TV – Donated by EXPO Electronics – Levon & Anita Temiz
14 Kt. Gold Ring – Donated by Monte Carlo Jewelers
14 Kt. Gold Earrings – Donated by Monte Carlo Jewelers
14 Kt Gold Bracelet – Donated by an Anonymous Donor
iPod – Donated by Mrs. Arsaluys Shahinyan

Special thanks to Bazaar Cake Sale Co-Chairs Mr. & Mrs. Nazareth and Nila Festkjian and all the contributors for their generosity.
Mr. & Mrs. Hagop & Sirarpi Aram, Mr. & Mrs. Marcus & Margo Arroyo, Mr. & Mrs. Varujan & Linda Arslanyan, Mr. & Mrs. Antranig Arzoomanian, Mrs. Takouhy Bedrossian, Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Diana Bourghol, Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Marianne Bourghol, Mr. & Mrs. Alexander & Lucy Bourghol, Dr. & Mrs. Levon & Ani Capan, Mr. Henri Dimidjian, Mr. Haroutioun Diratzouian, Mr. & Mrs. Nazareth & Nila Festekjian, Mrs. Eugenie Gabonian, Mrs. Ayda Gezdir, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel & Clare Hamalian, Mr. & Mrs. Greg & Ani Hamparsumian, Mr. & Mrs. Shahe & Katia Jebejian, Mr. & Mrs. John & Isabella Keshishian, Mrs. Celia Martaian, Dr. & Mrs. Haroutune & Shake Mekhjian Mr. & Mrs. Dikran & Nelly Minassian, Mr. & Mrs. Takvor & Tais Mutafoglu, Mrs. Mary Najarian, Mr. & Mrs. Levon & Anoush Nazarian, Mrs. Araxie Pichigian, Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Martha Saraydarian, Mr. & Mrs. Gregory and Mary Ann Saraydarian ,Mr. & Mrs. Aram & Madlen Setian, Miss Victoria Setian, Mrs. Vera Setrakian, Mr. & Mrs. George & Katia Spector, Mr. & Mrs. Danny & Deanna Steffens, Mr. & Mrs. Greg & Diana Torigian, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tanya Torosian, Mr. & Mrs. Jack and Sylva Torosian, Mr. & Mrs. Hagop & Maria Vartivarian and Mr.& Mrs. Migirdic & Suzan Yigitkurt.

Rina Afarian, Krikor Afarian, Adrienne Alexanian, Anita Altinbas, Leda Altiparmak, Jeanie Amerkanian, Margo Arroyan, Artemis Arslanian, Garo Baltaian, Jacklyn Baltanian, Ani Barsamian, Zarmine Baydar, Mehrube Baydar, Arsaluys Bekaryan, Sonia Bekaryan, Yeghsa Bestepe, Filor Bolat, Julie Borekjian, Ayda Borekjian, Yervant Borekjian, Philip Borekjian, Lusi Bourghol, Diana Bourghol, Paul Bourghol, Aida Bozian, Sylvia Buzantian, Mary Cruickshank, Ashley Cruickshank, Takoush Dabaghian, Sirvart Demirjian, Gulezar Demirjian, Eugenie Gabonian, Nadya Garipian, Ipek Garipyan, Karine Gazarian, Hilda Giritlioglu, Mayreni Golioglu, Filor Gul, Arexy Gullepyan, Zvezdeling Gulluian, Talin Hagopian, Barkev Hagopian, Shamiram Hamparian, Ani Hamparsumian, Krikor Hamparsumian, Rosine Hovsepian, Abbey Istepyian, Alice Jebejian, Silva Jinivizian, Adelle Jubilian, Nelly Kajayan, Akexander Kajayan, Virginia Karakashian, Yeran Karato- prak, Nicholas Kelly, Lorraine Khatchadourian, Talar Khatchadourian, Nurhan Kirmizi, Shake Kirmizi, Adrin Kucukkyantiryan, Elizabeth Kudyan, Eileen Kurkjian, Mary Kuruzian, Hasmig Manoukian, Ani Mardirossian, Krikor Markarian, Shnorig Minassian, Silva Nazar, Elisa Ohanyan, Dikran Ohanyan, Antranig Ouzoonian, Violet Ouzoonian, Ilknur Ozkuyukcu, Altkur Ozkuyumcu, Milton Palakian, Araxie Pichigian, Filor Polat, Irma Saganda, Irma Saganda, Alex Sarafian, Talar Sarafian, Martha Saraydarian, Mary Ann Saraydarian, George Saraydarian, Liana Sarkisian, Nazik Sesetyan, Madlen Setian, Aram Setian, Zepur Shalian, Susan Shamamian, Jane Solakian, Katya Spector, Deanna Steffens, Zachary Steffens, Dianna Steffens, Diko Taktajian, Mary Tashjian, Anoush Tasyan, Karin Tokatlioglu, Shake Torigian, Anya Torigian, Jane Torigian, Tanya Torosian, Sylva Torosian, Hagop Torosian, John Torigian, Mania Tovmassian, Berch Turpanjian, Nishan Turpanjian, Sirun Vartanyan, Tanya Vartanyan, Talar Yastangacal, Ani Yesilcimen, Lisa Yildiz, Seta Zakarian, Silva Zekeyan and Marie Zokian.

Mrs. Hilda Giritlian, who donated cakes and desserts that she professionally prepared and baked.

Marie Zokian, who prepared and donated Armenian coffee on behalf of the Kirikian Armenian School during the Food Festival and at the Picnic for the church, as she has done in the past for many years.

Rosine Hovsepian, who donated all the ingredients for the mushebbeck dessert and prepared it for Food Festival and Picnic, as she has been doing for many years.

Ipek Garipian and Irma Saganda, who baked and donated the choreg, which they have done for the Food Festival, Easter and Picnic for many years.