Hardworking dedicated ladies making boreg

St. Thomas Armenian Church is blessed to have a family of helping hands, experienced and young, ready and willing to prepare for the Annual (Fall) Bazaar and Food Festival!


L to R: Silva Nazar, Shake Torigian, and Filor Bolat

Sirun Vartanyan, preparing luleh with his delicious spice blend

Members of the church community, family, friends, and even local non-Armenian individuals look forward to the St. Thomas Armenian Church Bazaar each year. Whatever your reason – whether for the delicious foods, the family-friendly environment for meeting-up and letting the children play, the shopping and opportunities to win some really wonderful raffle prizes, or just to support our church’s youth – the annual bazaar is undoubtedly an event to which we all look forward.

Food brings people together. The act of eating together is a special time with our loved ones. We thank God for our meals and for the hands that helped created it. The traditional foods we love – chopped, kneaded, rolled, and wrapped – these good memories re-immerse us in our culture!


The night before the bazaar; tomorrow they will man the grill!

The St. Thomas Armenian Church Bazaar would not be possible without the help of several selfless, hardworking, and dedicated volunteers. They are the people behind the scenes, many of whom came to the church over several weeks.

Along with generous donors, St. Thomas is grateful and thankful to all those who give of their own time to help make this event happen annually!

2016 Fall Bazaar Donors

We invite you to view all of the moments captured from the Annual Bazaar Preparations in our photo gallery.