And by Gilda Kupelian

Having graduated from the Kirikian Armenian School, a record number of 24 of our alumni are presently attending the Diocesan Khirimian Lyceum. How proud we all are when 24 of the total class of 38 at the Lyceum are from St. Thomas, celebrating the success of the Kirikian Armenian School of the St. Thomas Armenian Church in Tenafly, NJ.khrimianhayrig

I personally feel this is a great symbolic statement that proves that our heritage is alive and that our younger generation will continue upholding the gift of being Armenian. Imagine attending Armenian School every Saturday morning for approximately nine years and then volunteering to continue their Armenian education at the Lyceum for another four years.

The Diocesan Armenian Studies department’s Khrimian Lyceum offers a four year course of study to graduates of Armenian Schools. The Lyceum currently has 38 students who come from NY, NJ, and CT regularly on a monthly basis. The four levels, Garmeer, Gabuyd, Narunchakuyn and Hayasdan accommodate the various age groups that meet for 11 sessions, some sessions being concurrent.

In addition to Armenian language studies, and krapar, the students learn Badarak hymns/sharagans as well as traditional Armenian folk songs. They participate in creative and performing arts (theatre, dance, art, music in the Armenian tradition). The students also write for the self-published yearbook, research, and translate subjects on Armenian themes. The Lyceum also hosts guest lecturers who have interactive discussions on topics ranging from Armenian history, architecture, prominent figures, manuscripts, illuminations, poetry, music production, psychology, etc. The students participate in educational and cultural tours, are involved in charitable endeavors, and also serve at their parishes.

2017 marks the 30th anniversary of Khirimian Lyceum.