1The Kirikian Armenian School was abuzz with preparations today for tomorrow’s graduation/hantes ceremony!

Fr. Papken and all of the dedicated teachers and staff led the students through dress rehearsals this morning. Mrs. Marie Zokian, along with Dr. Levon Capan’s musical accompaniment, led the students through the various songs and ‘sharagans’ that they will be singing tomorrow. The children will also be presenting on stage. It will be a wonderful day for the Armenian school’s graduating class of 2016. Surely, the teachers and students will be filled with pride and joy before embarking upon their summer breaks.2

The Kirikian Armenian School offers a varied and well-rounded curriculum. In addition to learning language, religious information, and history, Armenian youth are nurtured and taught music, have access to a vast library of information, use technology, are given opportunities to present projects in public, and of course make a great family of friends during class and play!

The school welcomes both Armenian-speaking and non-Armenian speaking children alike. We encourage you to consider enrolling your child in, and even letting a friend know, about our wonderful Armenian School.

Please join us tomorrow, June 12th, at 2pm in Saddler Hall for the annual Kirikian Armenian School graduation ‘Hantes!’

We invite you to view all of the Kirikian Armenian School ‘Hantes’ rehearsals in our photo gallery.