Fr. Papken presenting the 1st grades a gift after they recited “Hayr Mer.” Photo by H. Giritlian

This past Saturday was an especially busy one at the St. Thomas Kirikian Armenian School!


Students during Hantes rehearsal. Photo by H. Giritlian

The annual graduation “hantes” preparations are underway, and it is an exciting time for both the Kirikian Armenian School students as well as the staff. It is a joy especially for our Fr. Papken, who is as proud as a parent is of these students, as he nurtures themand watches their progess in Armenian language, history, and faith.

The first graders recited the Hayr Mer (Our Father) prayer from memory and received a gift from Fr. Papken.  The students and teachers continued to prepare for the Hantes, which is this Sunday, June 10 at 2pm.  Everyone is invited to this year-end celebration.


Students having fun post-rehearsals at the St. Thomas playground. Photo by H. Giritlian.

After their work was done, the students had some fun in the beautiful outdoors at the St. Thomas playground. Students enrolled at St. Thomas schools make great friendships in the classrooms and at church, as well as through some fun activities on the great church grounds. A student’s day is full of well-rounded activities.


More Kirikian School students at the St. Thomas playground. Photo by H. Giritlian.

Kirikian Armenian School Principal, Ani Capan says:

“Every year Hayr Soorp first teaches the Hayr Mer and how to make the sign of the cross to first graders. They had to recite the Hayr Mer fluently without any mistake and make no mistake in making the sign of the cross in order to receive the reward. Last Saturday after our ‘hantes’ rehearsal they did recite the Hayr Mer in front of all students, who at the end ‘dzapaharetzin’ (clapped), and the first graders were all presented gift cards from Game Stop (store) as a reward.

As you know, Hayr Soorp is our religion instructor for all grades, for half an hour every week, and these gift cards are from Hayr Soorp personally. Hayr Soorp loves children, and children enjoy his lessons very much and learn a lot.”

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