5 (Large)Matthew Bourghol is an altar server, Tbir, at St. Thomas Armenian Church.

This past Sunday, he participated in a regional fencing tournament, sponsored by Thrust Fencing Academy, and achieved third place! This tournament was open to all members of the US Fencing Association. Fr. Papken was present at the tournament and was eagerly watching and cheering for him.2 (Large)

Fencing is a sport that integrates agility, strength, coordination, balance, and timing. It has been an Olympic sport for over a century. While Matthew has enjoyed fencing for some time, he also enjoys playing the violin and video games. He also participates in the Chess Club at St. Thomas and is a member of the Armenian Youth Orchestra.

Matthew will soon be a graduate of the Kirikian Armenian School. Most of all, he is very thankful to Hayr Soorp who encouraged him over a year ago to serve on the alter and has been training him since to sing and learn the Soorp Badarak. He loves to serve God.

Let’s all congratulate Matthew on his recent sports achievement. Way to go!

(Photos and information courtesy of Fr. Papken)

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