On Friday, June 17, the first-ever season of  “Night at the Opera,” organized by the St. Thomas Cultural Committee, will come to a close with a showing of “The Bartered Bride,” a comic opera by Bedrich Smetana.


A few of the members of the Cultural Committee posing with Dr. Levon Capan at one of the first Night at the Operas.

The Cultural Committee of St. Thomas serves to promote Armenian heritage and culture to the Armenian and non-Armenian community through various events. This six-opera series is just one of the several events organized by the committee that so many of us have been enjoying throughout the year! What a wonderful opportunity to grab a friend for an evening of the arts, with a wide variety of showings on selected Friday nights from winter through the end of spring. This cultural experience was the first of its kind in the area for the Armenian and surrounding community to enjoy, and also included a showing of the famous Armenian Anoush Opera.

The culturally enriching screenings of the world’s most famous operas, played by prominent international stars, could not have been possible without the much-appreciated efforts of Dr. Levon Capan. He, along with the members of the St. Thomas Cultural Committee, put together some of the best operas for our viewing and listening pleasure. Each opera is presented and introduced by Dr. Capan, who is not only an avid admirer and singer of opera (as a classically trained tenor); he is extremely knowledgeable and passionate of the genre.


Post Opera Night reception: Jacklyn Baltaian, Talar Sarafian, Nadine Meksian, Maral Kilerciyan, and Vicken Demirjian.

Dr. Capan carefully curated a group of popular and appealing operas to be screened at St. Thomas. Before each screening, he gives an introduction about each work, highlighting the important facts about the composer and the history of the performance. Each opera is shown in high-definition, as it was played at the famous Metropolitan Opera in New York. His dedication to this series, along with that of each of the members of the Cultural Committee, has been greatly appreciated.

So come out to St. Thomas Armenian Church on June 17th to view the last opera of the series! Enjoy Czech music as you follow the story, which is set in a country village. The Bartered Bride “tells the story of how, after a late surprise revelation, true love prevails over the combined efforts of ambitious parents and a scheming marriage broker.” (Source – Wikipedia)


Some members of the Cultural Committee (at an evening hosted for Peter Balakian): Diana Bourghol, Tanya Vartanyan, Talar Sarafian, Peter Balakian, Fr. Papken Anoushian, Jacklyn Baltaian, Nadine Meksian, and Jane Torigian.

You can bring your family and friends to a cozy and friendly environment and watch in the highest quality on a large screen. See the performers up close, and never miss a facial expression! Many of the presentations include backstage views and subtitles, which are easy to read while you follow along to the beautiful music.  You will be completely immersed in the story-line, and better yet – you will have access to a gracious and knowledgeable on-site expert with whom to discuss the opera, especially if you are a newbie.  Afterwards, enjoy light snacks and drinks during a reception.

It is really a great opportunity for you and your children to be exposed to cultural classics!