“Here is a reminder to our previous students, and info to all our new students and their families: I’ve translated Earth Day (April 22nd) as a special day for Kirikian Armenian School Students to think about our cultural and national needs in general.

The main purpose of this project is to teach them the importance of “Giving.” Every year we select a different cause to support. You can contact me for more detailed information on previous projects and how we’ve helped several different organizations.

This year we will try to help ease the suffering for families of victims and those affected by the conflict in Nagorno-Karabagh.

Nagorno-Karabagh is a breakaway region inside Azerbaijan, controlled by ethnic Armenian separatists who declared independence in 1991. It’s been locked in a frozen conflict since a war in early 1990s that killed an estimated 30,000 people. The latest hostilities on April 2nd are the worst in decades and immediate causes are still not clear. Both sides have suffered military and civilian casualties, and at least 93 ethnic Armenian soldiers have died. Villages on both sides of the line of control are suffering the impact of the fighting.


With our generous donations we can help those families who lost their father, son, brother or uncle; by giving them support, have them breathe and not think about how to put their awfully broken lives together just even for a short period of time. Putting ourselves into their place can make everything clear to us and I’m sure, we as Kirikian Armenian School families will come together and do our best to provide a great amount of help for those in need.

Let’s make our donations to: COAF (Children of Armenia Fund) Artsakh Medical Outreach Project. Please have any checks made out to COAF.

Please return your donations in an envelope to your child/children’s teacher by May 31st.
I will announce the total donations before end of the school year.”

Jacklyn Baltaian
St. Thomas Armenian Church – Kirikian Armenian School Staff