The first annual Mother’s Day Mimosa Brunch, held at St. Thomas Armenian Church on Saturday, May 7, was a great success. Sponsored by the members of the staff and executive committee of the Kirikian Armenian School, the event was a magical day where friendship, motherhood, and family came together in a perfect way!2218

The Mekhjian Atrium was beautifully decorated in pastel linens and centerpieces adorably appropriate for a ladies’ brunch.  The hall was completely full; with people who were looking forward to spending time with family and friends, and most of all to being presented poems and handmade keepsakes prepared lovingly by their children. The team of Kirikian Armenian School ladies prepared an abundant brunch with various hot and homemade breakfast items, sweet and savory pastries, cheeses, fruits and even delicious chocolate covered strawberries. Every guest was greeted personally and treated to an elegant mimosa in a champagne glass.  Thanks to the creativity and devoted leadership of the Kirikian Armenian school, every mother, aunt, grandmother, and friend who attended this event truly felt special and loved this Mother’s Day weekend!

1Mrs. Nadine Yavru-Sakuk Mekjian spoke poignantly and passionately as she introduced this first annual Mother’s Day event for St. Thomas Armenian Church. In Nadine’s words (in Armenian) about our children, “Ask e sehr e. Irents hayoutiounne irents hye mtnolordin mech bahen. Tbrots e mer mayreroun bes ge sorvetsenne. Ousouchouhinere irents mayreroun bes en. Shad hatchogh tbrots e.”  To know one’s culture is a form of love. Enroll your children in the Kirikian Armenian School. Our children’s Armenian culture can be cultivated and maintained in the nurturing environment provided by the Kirikian Armenian School, which, with its teachers, loves and cares for our children much like a mother does. Her heartfelt words and love of the Armenian culture and church resonated with us all.

The success in enrollment, and the dedication of the staff of the Kirikian Armenian School brings the entire St. Thomas family great joy. Each member of the Kirikian Armenian School is devoted to continuing this growth, and to seeing even more enrollment in the school.

After the brunch, the students proudly presented their poems to their loved ones in the audience, under the watchful and enthusiastic eyes of their teachers and principal Mrs. Ani Capan.  Each grade of students, from the very youngest through the graduating class prepared and recited a great and vivid selection of poems in Armenian.  Smiles, and sometimes even cheers, were heard all around. Proud moms took photos and videos as a memory of the wonderful Mother’s Day spent this year at St. Thomas Armenian Church.52

Guests were also treated to several high-end raffle prizes, with chances to win many designer handbags, perfume, and even a bottle of famous Armenian Ararat-brand cognac! Before the event was over, every special woman in the room received her own long-stemmed flower for Mother’s Day.

Perhaps no one was as overjoyed as school Principal Ani Capan, as she later stated that the Kirikian Armenian School students “showed the audience what an important role our school plays in our community by instilling the Armenian children with national identity and traditions. This time it was Mother’s Day and they have learned a variety of poems written for mothers that they will not forget in their lives.  I heard compliments from every corner of the room, and this success belongs to all of our teachers.  I don’t know how better I can stress my thanks to you.”

We invite you to view some images from the evening in our photo and video gallery.