scrollSt. Thomas Armenian Church is pleased to announce a wonderful opportunity for students and adults, ages 12 and up, in honor of National Poetry Month!

Are you an amateur poet?  Submit your entry to the Armenian Poetry Project competition today.

“The Armenian Students’ Association (ASA), Inc. announces the start of its 6th annual poetry competition. The ASA, Inc. is partnering with the Armenian Poetry Project for the writing competition named in honor of the late Arthur Halvajian, a former trustee who led its Board in sponsoring the first competition.

The 2016 competition opens April 1st and the deadline for submissions is May 28, 2016.

All individuals of Armenian descent, residing in the United States and Canada are invited to submit their work, in English or Armenian, for the competition.

The competition groups submissions into three categories; students (ages 12-17), college age (ages 18-22), and adult (ages 23 and older).

A top prize will be awarded for each of the categories in the amounts of US $75 (students), $125 (college age), and $300 (adult).

Entries should be e-mailed by May 28, 2016 to with the subject heading “Halvajian ASA/APP Poetry competition.”

Only one UNPUBLISHED poem per individual may be submitted. Each poem submitted for the competition must be accompanied by the author’s full name, age, home address/telephone number. Students must include school name and sponsoring teacher’s telephone number.

The competition winners will be announced by the jury in June 2016.

The Armenian Poetry Project, led by poet Lola Koundakjian, is a research and documentation site for 19th to 21st century Armenian poems and related topics. Currently containing over 2,500 poems, it is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. APP has a worldwide following and releases poems through RSS feeds, Twitter and podcasting.

You can learn more about the Armenian Poetry Project here.”

Courtesy of Lola Koundakjian, Poet and Leader of the Armenian Poetry Project