IMG_3018The seventh grade students of the Kirikian Armenian School of St. Thomas are amidst presenting their “End of the Year Cultural Projects.”  Every week, the school will have three presentations. On Saturday, March 19, three students made theirs, presenting Armenian Inventors, Sayat Nova, and Mkhitar Goch.

This “End of the Year Cultural Project,” in addition to the “100 question History test” and the regular tests coming from the Diocese, is a prerequisite for the students of the Kirikian school to graduate. Students are free to choose any subject they like from a list prepared by Mrs. Ani Capan, the school Principal. The students then research and prepare the project on their own at home. The seventh grade teachers are Mrs. Sirvart Demirjian (regular) and Ms. Helen Minasyan (bilingual). Once the teacher and Mrs. Capan have reviewed and approved the project, it is ready for presentation. IMG_3016

Principal Capan says that “the objective of this project is to prepare the student to do research on the Armenian culture.  The (Kirikian) Armenian School is not only for Armenian reading and writing. Introducing the “100 Question History Test” and this “End of the Year Project” as a requirement to graduate opened a new opportunity for the school to be able to help even the English-speaking Armenian child, and thereby strengthen their Armenian identity.”

IMG_3012Students benefit a lot from these projects.  They are very proud of the research they accomplished, and are eager to present it to the other students. As a result, the listening students learn many new subjects during the presentations. Principal Capan delightfully indicates “I have also noticed that students give their full attention to the presentations, and mothers also stop what they are doing to listen to them.”

This year, the Kirikian School has 15 graduates, which means 15 new subject presentations and a lot of interested students and adults watching, listening and learning.  What a great idea it was to get the teachers, students, and parents involved in such a fun and educational way!

We invite you to view a short sample video of each of these students’ presentations. Please select to see Armenian Inventors, Sayat Nova, and Mkhitar Goch.