Tomb of Christ

This past Friday, March 25, 2016, marked the day on which Christians remember Good Friday (Avak Oorpat). It is the day we remember the last moments of Jesus’ life. He was tortured, had a crown of thorns put upon his head, was forced to carry a heavy wooden cross to the top of Golgotha, was humiliated, and was ultimately nailed to the cross…bleeding, until he reached his physical end.12895476_998475096898372_1886505564_n (Medium)

On Great Friday, Christ, God-incarnate, was murdered on the cross. He gave up His spirit with the words: “It is finished.” (Jn. 19:30) The mission for which Christ had been sent into the world by His Father ( i.e., God the Father) was accomplished. He accepted the whole human nature and became God and human at the same time, in order to heal the human nature through his Passion, Crucifixion and Resurrection. His Crucifixion was for our sins and in our place, because humanity could not have saved itself from the eternal control of Satan, hell and death.

To see if Jesus had died, a soldier pierced Jesus’ side with a spear, and blood and water flowed out; confirming Jesus’ death.

Joseph of Arimathea, a devout believer of Christ, had the responsibility of the Holy Burial. The tomb was in his own garden, at the foot of Golgotha.

12421850_998447553567793_1512730519_n (Medium)The human body was placed in the tomb, being united with His Divinity; His human soul descended into hell being indivisible from His Divinity. It was His Godhead, His Divinity that healed the sinful, and thus paralyzed nature of humanity. That is why His Godhead (i.e., Divinity) was never separated from His human soul and body. His Divine nature and human nature were inseparably had become one, without confusion, at the time of miraculous conception. He preached the dead, destroyed the hell, and freed the dead. After three days He rose and appeared to His apostles, disciples and to His faithful followers.

Judas was remorseful. He went to the temple and returned the 30 pieces of silver. But that did not console him. He went off alone and hung himself. His vile act of betrayal has never been justified. The name Judas has become synonymous with betrayer, traitor.

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