Another fabulous ‘Night at the Opera’ presentation by the Cultural Committe of St. Thomas was enjoyed this past Friday, March 11. Attendees watched the famous Armenian opera in high-definition, guided by our in-house expert Dr. Levon Capan.  Before each screening, Dr. Capan gives an introduction about each work, highlighting the important facts about the composer and the history of the performance.ANOUSH_opera

The Anoush Opera, composed by Armen Tigranian in 1912, is based on a poem written by Hovhannes Tumanyan in 1892.   It is an opera of five acts, and was the first opera to be inspired by Armenian folk music and culture.  The Anoush Opera is one of the most significant and popular in Armenian musical history and theater.

Anoush3“The opera is about the tragedy of a peasant girl (Anoush) whose short love affair ends in loss and death because of conflict between her lover (Saro) and her brother (Mossy).

The tragic love story is set in a typical 19th century Armenian village. Anoush is a young village woman who falls in love with a shepherd, named Saro.  One evening, at a village wedding celebration, Mossy, Anoush’s brother, and Saro fight in a friendly wrestling match.  However, instead of letting Mossy win, as is the prevailing custom, Saro violates the local code of honor and humiliates him by pinning him.  Enraged, Mossy vows to destroy Saro, who is now his enemy.  Eventually, Mossy shoots Saro dead, and from this loss, Anoush becomes insane with grief, and ends her life by throwing herself off a cliff.”

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Anoush2What is the benefit to viewing an opera at St. Thomas?  You’ll be watching and listening in the highest quality on a large high-definition screen! Every artist’s expression can easily be seen as you enjoy the music.  Many of the presentations include backstage views and subtitles that are easy to read while you follow the story.  There is also the benefit of an on-site expert with whom to discuss the performance, in a comfortable environment, especially if you are new to opera!  It is a great opportunity for you and your children to be exposed to cultural classics.  Dr. Capan has chosen to show the operas showcasing the best of the best performing artists in the world!

Please keep an eye out for two more presentations in the Night at the Opera series at St. Thomas, coming soon, in May and June!