photo 11As a very strong indication that our Armenian heritage is alive, well and growing stronger into the next generation, the Kirikian Armenian School experienced an avalanche of new registrants this year.  In September, on registration, the school was overflowing with new prospects.  Parents came with 1, 2 or 3 children, eager to register in our wonderful and productive school.  On the first day of registration, checking the numbers when registration was over, we realized there were 38 new students.  Classes that had 7 or 8 students were overflowing with a new number of 18 in every nursery, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten levels.  There were also older students registering for the first time.  Since Kirikian is able to offer bilingual classes in each level after 1st grade, even the novice student found a comfortable place in one of our 16 classes.IMG_0571_use

We are blessed with a pastor who has a deep interest in the school, and a wonderful, capable teaching staff assisted by many of our graduates who come back as aides to help.  These graduates love their school so much, they are reluctant to leave this welcome atmosphere and come every week to assist teachers to handily manage the welcome overflow of new students.  As graduates, they speak Armenian fluently and contribute positively to each classroom.

As if the 38 new students was not an exciting beginning to our school, throughout the year, additional new students have come, with a total of 45 new students for the 2015-2016 school year.  All of these children are learning about their language, history, religion, heritage and culture.  They are being educated in the most optimal surroundings and have made friendships that will last them through their lifetime.  The Kirikian Armenian School of the St. Thomas Armenian Church is a successful indicator of the importance of keeping our children Armenian, instilling in them a love for their prized heritage.