On February 27, 2016, the sixth and seventh-grade bilingual students of the Kirikian Armenian School performed a play, thoughtfully written by our own Nazik Sesetyan, about the Vartanantz holiday. This was the last of a three-part celebration about Vartanantz thoughtfully prepared by the staff and students of the Kirikian School, and the celebration of the holiday concluded with enthusiasm!


Nazik Sesetyan and Helen Minasyan with the 6th & 7th grade students

Mrs. Sesetyan’s play is set during a school recess, where the students are casually talking amongst themselves. The classmates talk about Vartanantz, in relation to how one’s grandmother always stresses that Armenian should be spoken at home, and how another’s parents celebrate the name day of their father. In their chatter, they collectively decide to celebrate the Vartanantz holiday (dohn) differently this time. They chose to take the celebration of Vartan and the name day from the angle of respecting all the soldiers who fought and died in the Vartanantz War.

After brainstorming, the classmates decided to organize an interactive party where they can ask questions to classmates and members of the audience about the Vartanantz War. Everyone enthusiastically participated in answering the questions, like which countries were involved in the war, when did the war take place, who was the sbarabed, how many soldiers from each country were fighting, who ultimately rose victorious, and whether the Persians conceded to giving the Armenians the right to keep their Christian religion.IMG_use_01

Then Vartan marched out onto the stage and gave his infamous speech. The spirit of St. Vartan was in everyone’s hearts as the children sang his song and the parents looked on. The excitement continued as the students got to eat the cake they had prepared together for the day.

Mrs. Sesetyan and Helen Minasyan, the seventh-grade teacher, did a wonderful job with helping the students prepare for this program. It was clear that both the parents and the entire Kirikian School student body enjoyed this special celebration of Vartanantz, and did so with many thanks to their efforts!

IMG_use_24The program was followed with relevant poems being recited by the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students, taught by Anoush Hajinlian and Mary Kuruzian, respectively. There was also a poem recited by the fifth grade students, taught by Tina Garoyan. This very memorable day in the Kirikian School concluded with their regularly scheduled music session.

We invite you to view all the pictures from this event in our photo gallery.