Christ is born and revealed,
Blessed is the revelation of Christ!  
Krisdos dznav yev haydnetsav,
Orhnyal eh haydnootiounn Krisdosi!
Tsezi yev mezi medz avedis!

2016-01-06_armenian_christmas_3124This past Wednesday, January 6th, St. Thomas celebrated Christmas.  The pews were filled with people as Very Rev. Father Papken Dz. V. Anoushian led the parishoners in Christmas Day Badarak. The traditional Blessing of Water ceremony was also performed, commemorating Christ’s baptism in the River Jordan.  This year’s Godfather of the Cross was Alex Giritlian.  He upheld this great honor with grace and humility during the ceremony and as parishoners came to kiss the cross and partake in the blessing it represents.  The sun streamed through the colored glass windows, and red and white poinsettias adorned the altar as one of the most joyful and important times in the Armenian Church was celebrated.

Church was immediately followed by a traditional home blessing of water, bread, and salt in the church hall, where the Kirikian Armenian School sponsored a luncheon.  Guests were treated to an appetizing meal while looking on to the Kirikian School students on stage.  The students’ musical and lyrical performances included singing Christmas songs in Armenian, a pageant performance of the night Christ was born, a medley by the St. Thomas Youth Orchestra, and several other solo presentations.  It was clear that everyone enjoyed the afternoon, and especially seeing children of all ages celebrate and understand the true meaning of Christmas.

2016-01-06_armenian_christmas_3042A highlight of the day was the yearly presentation of the 10-Year of Service Award.  This year it was awarded to three deserving ladies who are not only devoted to the Kirikian School but also to St. Thomas Armenian Church as a whole:  Jacklyn Baltaian, Talar Sesetyan Sarafian, and Magi Sabbagh.  The day’s events culminated in a distribution of numerous raffle prizes, where all the proceeds will further support the efforts of the Kirikian Armenian school.

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