Exaltation Of The Holy Cross

Exaltation Of The Holy CrossThere are five great annual feasts in the Armenian Church which are called Daghavars. They are: Christmas (Dznoont), Easter (zadig), Transfiguration (Vartavar), Assumption of Saint Mary (Astvadzadzin), and Exaltation of the Holy Cross (Khachveratz).

The Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross is the last one of these five Daghavars.  This Feast commemorates the emancipation of the Cross of Christ from Persia and elevation of it on the Calvary in Jerusalem.

The Exaltation Of The Holy Cross took place on September 20th, 2015 at St. Thomas Armenian Apostolic Church.

The three historical events involving the exaltation of the Holy Cross are as follows:

1. The first took place when Christ’s first cousin, St. James (Soorp Hagop), the First Bishop of Jerusalem Exalted the Cross.

2. The second time the Exaltation of the Cross occurred was when the early Christians discovered it after it has been lost.

3. The third time the Exaltation of the Cross occurred was when it was passed through Armenia on its way back to Jerusalem, after being rescued by faithful Christians from the pagan Persians. The Armenians decorated the Cross with flowers and sweet smelling basil. They exalted the Cross with great reverence, joy, and worship.

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